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A promotional offer for users who join today. Use "IG40" to get 40% off. Join Today


Perfect website design solution

With IG Web intuitive technology and powerful built-in features you’ll have the creative freedom to design a website you’re dreaming of.

IG Web editor: Design it as imagine

Get complete design freedom with the Editor. Drag and drop technology lets you move things around your site however you’d like. Every design element is customizable. Resize, recolor, rotate and align elements to make it look just right.
​​​​​​​Then choose from 1000s of intuitive tools and built-in features to create a professional web presence.

Grab the attention of your visitors with a unique design

Explore our massive suite of design features and rich libraries of free visual content. They’re all customizable to make your site look just right. You can even tailor your color palette to your brand for a professional-looking website template.
​​​​​​​Add more advanced design features. That way your website looks exactly the way you want.

Make sure your site looks amazing on any device

Ensure your site looks great on mobile, tablet or PC within adding any data by builtin features to view any data before publishing.

Go from concept to publish with ease

You can store all your images in our built-in content studio for quick and easy access, while our drag-and-drop builder makes it simple to create your own landing page.
​​​​​​​Plus, your landing pages are automatically designed to look great on any device and optimized to be user-friendly.

Get more landing page visits & find new customers

Combine landing pages with your marketing campaigns to create a complete brand experience for your customers. You can design a custom landing page to showcase products or promote a special offer, then drive traffic to the landing page.

Bring all your landing pages together under one domain

Whether you purchase a new domain, or connect one you already own, you can create unlimited landing page subdomains, all consistent with your brand.

Add all the features you need

With IG Web you can create the exact web experience you need. Add as many features as you prefer with no limits.

Brilliant web design & simplified

Our intuitive website builder makes designing a professional-looking, SEO-optimized and mobile-friendly site easy—without coding or design experience. All you need to start is a domain name.
​​​​​​​We’ll take it from there. Design and simplicity are at the core of our website builder. Easily create, customize and promote a stunning website that's search engine ready all on your own with the power of IG Web platform.

Create without limits

Create a website full of advanced functionalities, features and bring your vision to life.


Start your unique website with branding to create an unforgettable touch for your customers by adding your business logo with its colors to be used on pages, set the layout options and control the website’s navigation.
​​​​​​​IG Web’s  website builder has pre-built, professional layouts for every section, so you can quickly change the structure of your site as much as you like without any coding knowledge.

See your edits in real time

Edit, add a section, resize images and undo it all right from the page—so you don’t have to leave the editor to make changes. View your edit in mobile, tablet & PC view before publishing.
​​​​​​​We've made building your own website as easy as possible so that you can integrate your business successfully.

Make your customers closer

Integrate your website with WhatsApp & Facebook page’s Messenger to facilitate the communication with your customers.
​​​​​​​This is the best chance to combine all social media channels for customers to follow you easily, Add all your social media channels on your website and check the notification of new followers.

Get the insights you need to improve your marketing

Maximize your potential with analytics, reporting and assisted optimization tools. Monitor trends, track performance and create engaging campaigns that reach customers likely to convert.
​​​​​​​By integrating with Google Analytics, enjoy all Google's features to analyze visitors of your website.


Expand your clients’ circle by targeting new clients from other countries. Add more languages on your website to talk to them with their mother tongue and choose the default language for new users.

Be proud of your previous work

Create content about news, events, services, products, awards, etc...


  • Showcase your talent with a portfolio website.
  • Display your works of art in a way that represents who you are as a creative and artist.
  • Showcase your efforts with a portfolio page.
  • Display your works in a way that represents your creative works.
  • Add, organize and manage all your portfolio projects from your dashboard.
  • Save time with project page presets and switch between layouts in seconds.
  • Edit every element with endless customization options and website design features.
  • Feature photos and videos in high resolution & resize them.


Create engaging blog posts and share your content online. Use our blogging tools to target the right readers and enjoy sleek layouts and design customization.

Build your blog your way

Design a unique blog

Capture your brand’s personality with a complete suite of advanced design features.

Divide the content into different categories

Sub-pages for categories to create posts lists separately.

Create with content in Mind

Start publishing your unique content with a rich text editor, video and audio add-ons.

Blog anywhere

Compatible with any device to write content and manage your blog anytime, anywhere.


Give multiple writers and editors access to your dashboard so they can help manage your content with their names and date of publication.


Restaurant or any kind of retails? Give your customers real expectations about you. Create unlimited menus with unlimited categories, items, sizes, prices, offers, photos, videos and description.


Everyone has his own mentality to create his website, IG Web has no limits, we created a listing to rename as you need to link it with any page to make custom pages depending on listings.

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